About InClusion

MusicInclusion680x300Music InClusion on In State’s website is for Colorado music artists, radio stations, and record labels. Music InClusion includes enhancements to the Videos section with a more direct viewing of albums, songs, and radio shows. Integration with In State Store will also be included to increase the exposure and involvement of fans and customers.

As we provide increasing amounts of information about Colorado’s local music scene, we are incorporating a system that will enhance the visible images and the easy-to-find functions of our music page. This new system will help deliver a better platform for artists and companies.

Among many other features, Music InClusion includes adding albums, songs, tags, and videos to name a few. YouTube integration is also added to these features which will help artists showcase their videos as well as their music. Album images can be uploaded directly to this platform to customize the look and feel. Vital information such as artist’s names, producers of the tracks, and copyrights information can be added to each album and song as well. “Want to know what viewers think about your songs…?” There are also editable comment and review sections that create a greater connection between artists and fans. We encourage Artists, Labels and Radio Stations to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity that In State’s Music InClusion provides! If you have any question or just want to give feedback or suggestion, please contact us at contact@instate-co.com